Sunday, November 30, 2014

#News : What is BlogsRelease?

Hello Bloggers ! Recently I received an e-mail from Blogsrelease Team.

Exactly - to be honest and true, I have no Idea about what is BlogsRelease, I am truly feel dumb and Noob as usual. I didn't discover yet what is BlogsRelease until this morning, I feel like I wanna check out what is BlogsRelease.
So downhere, after I typed the url on the space. This is what came out.

Where bloggers and brands engage.

Blogsrelease claimed they are No #1 INDUSTRY NEWS BOARDS for bloggers worlwide.
Well I think It's kinda same like the others community,etc. 

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :


They said they will give brands/PR/Social agencies the board to share content to relevant bloggers in our own specific categories. Okay like me I have 2 blogs which more to parenting and beauty, so they might take me to the preferred categories and something like that.

BlogsRelease claimed they are likely a press release, focusing on bloggers.
From what I understood - brands feature will release their latest content to inspire us the bloggers to write about the BRANDS benefits and usually I will write honest review okay !
So don't play play with me, because some of the brands only write about their benefits but no Disadvantage. So me as the consumer will never tell LIE ! haha ! So careful with me.

BlogsRelease with proudly said : By using the BlogsRelease Board, brands can rise above all of the online noise created by a confusing web of content distribution and directly reach key blogger ‘voices’ to spread their message.

 Okay I hope BlogsRelease will  fulfilled the promise. 

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :

All you guys need to register/signup on the provide url space, so me as the blogger and I don't have a brand yet, so I will go through my experience by click on the blog signup.

I snapped this using my snipping tool app, source :
And then just fill on your information in the form on the blank space. Just simple things to do but do make sure read the T&C first to agreed.

And the BlogsRelease has their own batch, so I sticked the batch in my blog as a newbie in the community.

So this is what I think about the BlogsRelease, well as a newbie, I don't really know well about this BlogsRelease so, I'm gonna discover slow-by-blow to be a pro meh in BlogsRelease.

(Some of the informatiion I took from because I am not a plagiarist)
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#Giveaway : CINDYPLANET XMAS By Cindy Tong


Hello make up lovers ! Did you know what ? Cindyplanet is having her XMAS Giveaway, so request her the gift from the following picture above haha !

If me I want the CHOCOLATE KISS AND LUCENT. HOPE she will work on my request ! Haha!
But there are only 2 boxes ( ETUDE HOUSE BOX & ESSENTIAL BOX ) So I want ESSENTIAL BOX ! Yahoo, hope to win !!!!!!

Cindy screamed : It's Christmas time!!!!!! Santarina Cindy is here!! I am giving out beauty goodies to all of you!! This xmas I will make all of you happy!!! 

Source :
 Etude House Box Contains:
  • Chocolate Kiss Nail Polish x 4 bottles
  • Chocolate Kiss Nail Sticker x 2 pcs
  • Etude House BB Cream in Honey Beige x 1pc
  • Etude House Shimmering Eyeliner x 1pcs

Source :
Essential Box Contains:
  • L'Oreal Lucent Magic Foundation x 1pc
  • Cremo Lab Gel Moisturiser x 1pc
  • Beaubox Mineral Loose Powder x 1pc
  • Dirty Works Body Wash x 1pc
  • Collection Cosmetic Eyeshadow Pencil in Grey x 1pc
p/s: All product given are full size.

All you need to do is following the simple steps  down here:-
1. Follow her at
2. Like Cindy's Planet
3. Follow her blog at
4. Head to her blog to complete all task in Rafflecopter app and complete all the task at

Cindy said that : **** You need to complete other task on her blogpost in order to be eligible for this giveaway!Click the above link for more info.


(above sources I took from CINDYPLANET.COM - because I am not a plagiarist ) 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

#News : A note for bloggers - Bad or good ? Why we want to be a plagiarist ? + Me in Plagiarism Mode

Hello bloggers,

Hey I am just a newbie, so don't really bother what I really want to say, okay back to the main title.
Wait, eventhough I have grammatical or spelling errors, do Pardon me because I am not a literature teacher or an an audit, so I just go for own words. Hope you can understand.

Okay usually bloggers do a write up based on their experience and their  opinions.

Why You claim you are a blogger, editor or writer if you steal people's alphabets ?
So, I think when I was a parenting blogger, AND NOW I AM A BEAUTY BLOGGER, what a dramatic changes right ? I wrote many letters based on my experience on what's happening at the event. What's from my brain and heart-- I just brought those into my writings. Sometimes If I hate my friend,  I put about her in my blog but didn't mention her name. Haha !

Lol, once again with my ridiculous stories. Back to the title okay, Why ? Why we want to be a plagiarist ?

If you ask me, this might my answers, why I want to be a plagiarist ?
 The reasons are ?
-Easy money access
-Easy Copy pasta ( use the mouse to select the words, ctrl+C and then ctrl+P) Done !
-Don't have to think a lot about the situation.
-No idea what to put in blog but don't want to keep the blog empty.
-The original bloggers don't have time to check your same words in your blog? Are you sure?
-Dumb and noob because cannot generate letters.
-Don't have any experience.
-Wanna be a blogger but don't know what to put in blog
-Steal is a good job. Haha ! Kidding
There are just so many reasons but I cannot generate the words, so I'll generate soon.

Sometimes we cannot blame the plagiarist because maybe our words are way too good so they decide to take all the words and they might forget to credit to us. Haha but remember when you want to copypaste make sure not the hot-temper blogger one if not you might be ban until you die, so be careful !

To be honest sometimes I want to steal or copy paste information from the best blogger but because I am a politer person so I just STEAL it haha ! No la just kidding.

Ha ha Guys don't take this seriously. I am not a Plagiarists but this is just what I think why most of us decided to be a plagiarists. ( maybe this is just a sarcasms words of the day for plagiarist).
Plagiarist is a crime, okay. Do take note about it guys.

Thank you for read my ridiculous stories.
Hey wait, actually for plagiarist you can be sue if you do so ! So next time please don't copy paste but you can be inspired by the bloggers to write up in your blog ! I love you guys !

Much much Love,

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#Giveaway : Ambank #givealitte share and ideas for YOUR KINDNESS TO BRIGTHEN someone's day

Hello Good People,

So today I received an e-mail about the #givealittle awareness by #ambank - might be a charity stuff to share our ideas to brighten someone's day, not only to one person but maybe to many people around us.

Basically this is just a simple tasks for our Malaysian to help each other and to create a better generation without compromises with each other.

Besides that, in Malaysia we have so many races, languages and cultural. Don't have to mention what races are we because we are already entitled as 1 Malaysia. But too bad when several politicians are making hating statement to provokes the races discriminating between us. We should get rid of those politicians.

Not only for human, but now human on earth are dealing with global warming and the worst part is Earth is attacked by the mother of nature where a lot of human died & dying in the phenomena.

What we should do to prevent Earth from hating us the human ? So come on guys share your ideas and make it happens too !

One of that, please help people around us in Poverty mode. Even we are no so rich we still can help those helpless people, even though we give a small coins they still can smiling, right? For me, don't be rich if you are not happy with your life. So make your life happy by helping the human in earth.

Lol, enough with my ridiculous introduction.

So here it is, How to share your ideas to help Human & Earth ?

•Please visit, and then you can register and submit your brilliant ideas - and bonus here, you can post as many as ideas to help people and earth in need.

•And then, as usual the campaign always work out if you willingly to share your ideas in the campaign to your friends and your fans through your media social as facebook & twitter + etc.. etc..

•Be happy now, you need to wait for the winners announcement, where RM250 will be automatically deposited in your Ambank account ( so if you don't have Ambank Savings/current account you need to create one Ambank account to receive the RM250, visit the nearest Ambank branch to make the account)

•The fun is begin on 15th December where your random acts of kindness to life stories should be record in pictures or videos and submit as many as you like the stories on

•The submission will be close on 15th January , the winners will be selected through voting process & judges selection. Woot, the best part, you'll stand to win the Grand Prize of RM20,000. Who doesn't want to win this awesome prize where I can spend it to help my mom's kitchen and give a little help to people who are in need.

• As usual when you join any contest, giveaway or something good for you - you just need to read the T&C  and the privacy when you sign up, OKAY, to prevent any misunerstanding for sure.

You can get some inspiration by type  : and type ( How to be a kind person and not a heartless person )

You don't have any ideas, get inspired from my submission, I have posted twice for mine.

1st idea from me :

♥Thank you to #ambank for make this campaign #givealittle to give us awareness to cultivate a good attitude to everyone no matter what religion, races or the skin color.
We shouldn't follow the politician who keeps making racist statement to provokes us into broken to pieces because everyone deserves to live on earth with unity and great cooperation to create an excellent community. Besides that we can give our hands to help exterminate the poverty and and the vices. Smile is the gift for us. ♥☻

2nd idea from me

All I want is an eco-friendly environment. Thanks to #ambank for their #givealittle campaign.
•Help the Earth to shine all days.
•We can plant trees to reduce the landslide.
•We can recycle our unused glasses or bottles.
•We can use traditional diaper instead of disposable nappy.
•We can bath not more than 10 minutes to reduce water consumption.
• Sometimes you could give away your good items but unused to people who need.
• We can shut our lights to reduce high electricity consumption. Good Job

Remember to # (hashtag) #ambank & #givealittle to make your ideas acceptance.

So what you are waiting for ? Go submit your ideas, you can lead your ideas for a better nation.

Note : Please do not copy my every single alphabets in my blog and claim those words are yours. My words can be inspired, and my words are not easily came out from my brain. Please don't be a stealer or plagiarist to copy the whole words okay, and all photos are watermarked, so you cannot steal ! And ideas came from my over-loaded brain. But if you are still need them please do let me know and credit my works in your blog or posts. Clear? Well, I don't easily sue you guys the plagiarism because I am not a rich person to hire the lawyer for this kind of issue. So, get your own ideas and originality to become a very good blogger or writer. Much love from me, Syafiera.

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#Event, #Product Review, #Fashion &Style : Sephora Hair Complimentary Hair Makeovers with Bamboo Smooth Kendi OIL for FRIZZ Control with Amika 100% Ceramic Hair Styler

Image Source Sephora Malaysia Facebook
Hello stylo-mylo , recently, I walked down at Sephora Robinsons in The Garden Mall for my hair style done. I picked  the date in 14 November around 2pm, I asked the Sephora assistant, Yuki to curl my lower hair and make my hair looks wavy.

Because my face has so many big pores, so I covered with my watermarks. seriously unacceptable,
feeling sucks meh. haha nevermind la. so  I want to tell you about this Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil,
My hair is kinda frizzy when Yuki are about to style my hair, so she suggested me to get this Kendi Oil to recover the breaks on my hair.. Okay not bad, It repairs back what patah patah on my hair..

Well I think it works like a serum, My hair feeling so smooth and it has a nice scents too!
Because it is so good and way to pricey, I just go on with my hairstyle.

Kendi Oil is formulated to strengthening and smoothing your hair. Because it has double-duty formula for deeply nourishing treatment where it works better to repair splits ends and environmental damage and plus on it works as a color protecting style primer.

What I love about Kendi Oil -- it is made from organic bamboo and smoothing organic kendi oil. Kendi Oil is really great for frizzy hair like me plus it also can imparts intense shine while providing vital nutrients.(source :

Great NEWS ! Kendi Oil is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. Well hair-friendly ! Maybe it's good for baby's hair too.

What else you need to know:
Bamboo extract and kendi oil contained in this product are eco-certified, fair-trade compliant, and certified organic. Their production and sale aid in supporting the development of local communities while remaining environmentally friendly. Free of gluten, TEA and phthalates. Formulated with Color Hold® for maximum color retention. Best for use on medium to thick hair types.

After applied several drops of kendi oil on my hair to protect from the heat. Yuki suggested me to style my hair with Amika 100% Ceramic Hair style. It is a thin flat iron, flat iron doesn't mean you only can straightening your hair but it works to curl my hair too.

Wow it is a lil bit tricky, you can save some money not to buy a curl iron plate, but with only one iron plate you can have many styles for your hair. Choose whether straight or curl. It's all up to you !

One of beauty blogger claimed it is 3 in 1 styler!
It can straighten , curl AND create waves.
I haven't own this Amika ceramic hair styler yet because I have another flat iron in my house, but I've tried, I think it is a lil bit catchy in my eyes, feel like I need to get one. Well it is easy to bring while on-traveling. PLUS it is a BONUS when you can see the LEOPARD PRINT PLUS HOTPINK wrapped on the Amika Styler Iron Flat. So stylo Mylo !

“AMIKA Ceramic Styler and it features 100% ceramic plates.Ceramic plates radiate far-infrared heat, preserving moisture in the hair shaft and protecting the hair cuticle from damage. In fact, regular use of the Amika Styler results in healthier hair.”

Both of Kendi Oil & Amika Ceramic Styler you can get in SEPHORA outlets in malaysia.
The price is around RM350 for Amika Ceramic Styler.
Bamboo Smooth Kendi OIL price around RM82, plus you can get this oil in Zalora too.

Down here is my hair after DONE,  I embeded my photo with Instagram code.
A photo posted by Syafiera Lewis (@syafiera_lewis) on

A photo posted by Syafiera Lewis (@syafiera_lewis) on
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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello guys, 



Did you know that the place we are live on - are about to destroy because of our own hands ?
Yeah for real ? The place we are staying on we called it as "EARTH" and EARTH exactly is dealing with the GLOBAL WARMING ! I Feel like the world is going to an end so soon.

We might don't see if we are the caused but we can see the results right ?
The skies are not blue anymore because covered by the dusty elements. Not so breathable.
Sometimes we have to cover our nose with a mask to prevent the dust from the haze get into our lungs, aren't we ?

Some of us have to face with the skin problem such as acne and pimples. The worst part when some people were suspected having the lungs cancer because of the AIR POLLUTION, I feel like I am the one who are SMOKING right now but I don't. Please NO SMOKING

Don't get confused between haze, fog or water vapor. Haze is totally make us can't even breath and and causing sore throat.

When the HUMAN destroy the WORLD but at the same time the HUMAN SUPPORT for GREEN PEACE, exactly what title should be given to this human ?

To be truth or not ? Because this is my blog, so I want to give my personal opinions. I see many highly politician they claimed they love the environment but at the same time they do destroy the environment for developing purposes and something like those la. Just think logic. Whatever lah. 

Who are we to BLAME others ?

 I just don't understand. What caused the haze ? From what I thought so far - because our earth is dealing with the global warming, and then, earth has many changes phase. Like very HOT weather, temperature like increasing decreasing in sudden mode. Earth is like our body, when we are in cold temperature we easily sneezing right, when we are in HOT temperature we will sweat a lot, 
am I right ?

So, I think EARTH is absolutely sulking with us ( I think Earth will think we are just like bacterias )
Should just remove human from the EARTH ! So Earth just can be pretty and No more HAZE.

Okay Back to the main title = I don't want to talk or write much more because we are the HUMAN should behave ourselves, don't be pathetic. If you go back and read some religion book, What caused of the HAZE, look at the HUMAN first.

This is just my opinion, we are keep worrying but we don't prevent it. Prevent is better than cure. Just please do not be a copywriter because this is just my copyright.


( information taken from GREEN PEACE )

Greenpeace Southeast Asia was established in 2000 with headquarters in Thailand and offices in the Philippines and Indonesia following the first visit of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior to the region during the “Toxic-Free Asia Tour.”

Since then, almost 15 years of environmental investigations, scientific research, reports and lobbying efforts marked with dramatic, non-violent direct actions have propelled our campaigns to bring about critical change in attitudes of government and corporations leading to important victories in our campaign to protect the environment.You can also join us to ensure clean & peaceful environment by signing up here!
Sign-up now and add your voice for a greener future in Southeast Asia!

For more INFORMATION about GREEN PEACE. Do visit their Social Media.



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#Product Review : Sephora Color Festival Palette I got with RM100 voucher for first 50 people who are lined up during the Launched Event at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Hello make up lovers !
How are you guys ? 
So today I'm gonna do a very quick review on 
Sephora Color Festival Palette that I just got it last week !
I'm totally feeling satisfied because I could made it through
after my husband battleling with his stomach-ache.
I went to IOI City Mall around 9.30am, well I'm just still LUCKY because 
I am the fitsr 50 people who are lined up for the launched.

Sephora Color Festival have 130 eye, lip and cheek shades.
Really great for those MUA who wants to expreminet and create an endless amount of looks
and these palette really compact and actually I always bring it on my bag now. 
To be true to be honest. I don't care whether people call it is a burden.
As long as I bring it with myself OKAY !

What Do you need to know about SEPHORA FESTIVAL COLOR PALETTE ?
72 Eyeshadows  ( from nude to dare colors )
18 Eyeliners Cream ( All colors almost available )
8 Blushes ( some of the skin color you can make as contouring )
4 Lip & Cheek Stains ( wehee, work out guys ! )
28 Brilliant Lip Glosses ( super high quality glosses )

A photo posted by Syafiera Lewis (@syafiera_lewis) on

The eyeshadow have so amazing colors, from light to dark on every single colors.
I've tried several of them, the color is super pigmented, super high quality and also really blend well
on my eyes lid and crease.


I usually go on with the blue theme look. Haven't try the red yet but will do soon.


If I want to go for eco-friendly look, I can go on with the green family.

The Cream liners are super amazing ! Some of the branded product will go for 1 color in one small jar but Now I can have 18 COLORS in a single palette ! Money saved !


Tried several lip glosses all I can say the color are pretty much pigmented  
easy to apply  and glide well on the lip, 
not really sticky or tacky, lip looks so much plumper than before.


You can get this SEPHORA COLOR FESTIVAL PALETTE for RM159, available in all Sephora Malaysia store but with limited quantity, So grab it fast for yourself !
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#Event, #Product Review, Fashion & Style, Food & Beverages : Maybelline New York Color Show ( Nail Polish + Lip Color + Liner ) For ButterFly Project

Hello Pretty Butterfly ! 
Yeah I am the one, wink wink !
Yesterday ++ Maybelline New York has invited us the butterflies to do
some quick review o their Color Show Product range.
The event was started at 2.30 pm located at Kaffa Espresso Bar Damansara Utama.
Not only butterflies were invited, Maybelline also invited the magazine media journalist for majalah remaja.

The COLOR SHOW have 3 beauty ranges : Nail Polish, Lip Color and Liner.
Nail polish have 20 colors, lip color have 16 colors meanwhile the liner have 6 colors.
Me like usual lah have tested several of the product on my lip, my fingernails and my eye lid+crease too.

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline

To be true or not, from the original black hair I conquered the green wig from the start of event until the end of the event, I am not into the blonde wig or white but I just in love with the green because seems like I am in Cosplay event.

For my fashion and style, I wore an alphabet shirt which I bought at the new mall Ioi City Putrajaya for RM42.90 after discounted. My long sleeve skirt is from instagram, my shoe from Esarli, my colorful necklace from November store and bracelets from Bower Haus and One  More bracelet I made it for myself. The wigs are from Maybelline props.

Usually any events will have a very quick recap introduction, the TVC showed us the models with the Maybelline Color Show Beauty range.

Some of the invited guests are from butterflies project and majalah remaja included the 2 readers for the teenager magazine.

I met the butterflies, such as Elana Khong, Jenny Ma and many more. We all so colorful on the yesterday's event.

For our Food and Beverages, 
and because it is a coffee bar,
I was having a cold cappucino and several light refreshment
like red velvet and chocolate cake plus with kueh with something inside there.
And we were having some salads and avocado with chicken.
Omg so sorry !
I didn't catch the name of the menu. But I can tell what I have eaten for yesterday.

The Range Color Show Nail Lacquer Recommended retail price : RM 9.90

Lol that's green wig lady with the Maybelline Color show Nail Polish.
Maybelline said nails have been getting a lot of attention during the New York Fashion Week for every seasons. So they made for us the Color Show nail lacquer to explore our artistic side of the colors. These colorful nail polish  color show are available  in a wide range of bold and in-fashion colors !
The nail polishes have thicker brush for a very smooth application while the color formula is improved to ensures that the hue goes on dramatic. Just how I want it? Really ?

The Maybelline Color Show nail polish have 20 colors and now you can go CRAZY with the colors.


Maybelline claimed that Color show nail polishes are water -oxygen-breathable where we have tested several drops on the polish to see whether the water absorbs or not on the lacquer. I am not really sure about it because Elana's waterdrop was stand on the polish and mine totally absorbed. But I think the polish still waterproof.

Okay a game for us, we have created several creative and artistic design on the fake nails provided by the Maybelline.

I tested the nail polishes 10 colors on my fingernails.
Hottest and fashionable lip color from reds to pink.
Inspired from the fashion shows.
Just one swipe of the Color Show Lip Color  
You get to see your lip looks brilliance and Boldness !
Suitable for ASIAN skin
pampering indulgence and luxury lip when you apply those colors ! 

Nude attitude : 
301 true toffee, 303 coral culture, 305 Nude Mocha, 306 Cream caramel, 308 Orange Ion
Priority Pink :
101 Pink Avenue, 102 Pink Punch, 104 Pink Paradise, 105 Pinkalicious, 107 Pink Paradise, 108 Pink Party ( Noted 102 Pink punch not on my skin because it's missing )
Red To Wear :
202 Red My Lips, 203 Cherry Om Top, 205 Red Siren
Plum Taste :
401 Sweet Orchid, 402 Plum-tastic

Get your eyes QUIRKY and EDGY COLORED lined eyes for stunning Attack !
Have it on your finger tips with COLOR SHOW LINER'S range of SMUDGE-FREE COLORS !
Available shades like turquoise, tangerine and metallic gray usually on the BOLD Runway.
Just one sweep can create a fashionable effect that's really HOT on the runways ! 

Noted from Maybelline :
Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color & Color show Liner are available at selected pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

The Maybelline New York Color Nail Lacquer is available at selected Watsons & Selected Guardian store only.

For more information :
Do visit their official website at
Facebook : maybellinenysimplyfab
Instagram : maybellinemalaysia

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Monday, November 24, 2014

#Product Review : Elianto's 1st Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Hello guys ! 
For my entry I would like to review the Brilliant Richie Lip Color.
Elianto's claimed their lipsticks are 1st Kiss Proof Lip Colour.

The lip color is Transfer Resistant - well easy glides on the lip.
Long Lasting - Yeah but it starts to transfer the color if I'm having my tea time.
Weightless, Ultra-thin Film - the tube is long, light easy to bring.
Vibrant Matte Finish - Yeah they do, matte finish, non-glossy.
Intense Rich, Vivid Shades - Yeah very pigmented and bright color.

Those lipsticks are made from Italy ! For real ? Wow, impressive ! A long distance from Italy to Malaysia.

Grand Brilliant Richie Lip color have 6 shades
01 In Love (Natural skin color an nude)
02 Blooming ( Pink-red )
03 Blissful ( Pink peach orange ) I owned this
04 Sexy ( tan chocolate )
05 Groovy ( tan red)
06 Wild ( super burgundy red ) I owned this

But somehow in elianto website wrote Blissful in 03 and On my hand Blissful is 02.
Please be careful while you are purchasing online, I suggest you to try those colors on the store.
So you won't regret.

(taken from elianto)USP: Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour infuses lips with bright, intense colour, combining a lightweight yet long-lasting formula with moisturising ingredients.

Look at those colors, see how I applied on lip shape, the colors are really stunning ! 
But you have to careful when you eat something oily because the lipstick color will smudge off.

Happened to me.
Content: 2.6ml / 0.87 fl.oz
Made in Italy
Price: RM 29.00 
You can buy online at :
or visit their instagram : Elianto Malaysia 
Facebook : Elianto Malaysia
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#Product Review : Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Hello Lipstick Lovers !
Yes me !
Okay I've heard so many cosmetics brand nowadays are producing matte-finish lipstick maybe because of the Beauty Lovers DEMAND MONSTER including myself.

To be honest I am one of the extreme matte lipstick lover.  I've heard Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet claims of a soft matte velvet finish, a non-drying formula and 24 hours lasting power feel on the lips for sure, wow such a stunner effect !

Non Drying formula :
Okay when I applied this lipstick in 08 Grand cru, the color is super pigmented, and I can feel my lip became fuller than before meanwhile the formula didn't dry up my lip at all.

Bourjois claimed the rouge velvet lipstick is an exclusive irresistible formula with matte finish and incredibly light. Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois are the new era revolution of lipsticks ! How amazing right ?

Okay I am not gonna lie the first thing that catchy my eyes is the tube, looking simple yet elegant.
I applied on my lip without feel guilty at all, the melting texture glides on my lip and it turned into matte and non-glossy or shiny.

Rouge edition velvet lipstick enriched with Evanescent Oils,  the secret formula provides a soft, second-skin feel without drying or fading lips at all. You must try before you judge.


Tried all the colors but I picked the 08 super burgundy red I totally in love !! The color is super pigmented + matte finish and brightEd color + Elegant tube.. easy to apply.. non-drying lip even it dries on the lip.. How do you like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick? 💄

Picture based on true story, the colors were fade off this morning but still left the residue effect.

Available in 6 shades
01 personnel ne rouge
02 Frambourjoise
03 Hot Pepper
04 Peach Club
05 Ole flamingo
06 Pink pong
07 nude-ist
08 Grand Cru ( my fav color )

Slant foam applicator
Matte finish
Bright colours
Lasts 24 hours 
8 shades ( 3 reds, 2 nudes, 3 pinks)
Bold colours 
Soft velvet texture

You need a powerful makeup remover to remove the lipstick stains

Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Butyl Acrylate/Hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Acrylate Copolymer, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Silica, Parfum (Fragrance), Limolene. [+/- (May Contain) : CI 45410 (Red 28 Lake), CI 42090 (Blue 1 Lake), CI 45380 (Red 22 Lake), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 75470 (Carmine), CI 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride), CI 77742 (Manganese Violet)]. 13BML001-1, CI 15850 (Red 7 Lake), Mica, CI 73360 (Red 30 Lake), CI 19140 (Yellow 5 Lake), CI 12085 (Red 36), CI 15850 (Red 6), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 15985 (Yellow 6 Lake), CI 17200 (Red 33 Lake)

Price & Availability 
RM : 39.80 (available at selected Watsons) 
 I went at watsons new IOI City mall Putrajaya  to get the lip makeover.

More Information
Visit their social media

And Not to forget that Bourjois Malaysia is having a contest in their facebook & instagram !
I am IN ! I hope I can win the SONY LENS worh RM699 !

Picture taken from Bourjois Malaysia Facebook
(information TAKEN from bourjois facebook & Instagram)
Win yourself a Pandora Bracelet worth RM1000 (actual prize may
slightly differ from image), Sony Lens worth RM699, Instax Mini 8
Poloroid Camera and more in Bourjois Sexy Lips Contest! Just strike a pose with your favourite Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick. Tag Bourjois Malaysia or hashtag #Bourjoissexylips in your pictures and remember to change your FB and Instagram settings to public. Good luck! Muahhhh

Picture taken from Bourjois Malaysia Facebook

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#Fashion & Style : I fall in love with necklaces.

Hi guys ! How are you doing? 
I am good. So my entry today is about my newly collection the Necklaces.

Actually before I was in college I am an accessories collector. I have so many of them and some of them I've thrown away in garbage because of the rusty.

So because I have atteding so many events, So i decided to have the pretty of them again. hehe.
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

#Product Review : LIMITED EDITION IS AVAILABLE : Sulwhasoo Malaysia - 17th Anniversary Their Best-selling product : First Care Activating Serum

Hi pretty ladies !

Glad to see you guys again for my entry today. It is Saturday, and I'm pretty sure I am out of the deadline. Just received an email from Sulwhasoo about their 17th Anniversary on the Nov17th2014 !
What a coincidence 17 ! It must be their lucky number ! I'm hoping so.

Congratulations again to Sulwhasoo !

Back to the main title. I am excited to tell you guys about their best-selling product :  
First Care Activating Serum.  
I'm gladly to tell you guys that I've tried this serum on the last Sulwhasoo workshop for their Sulwhasoo luminature Essential Finisher.

Okay on my last time I reviewed the Luminature Essential Finisher and the cap has a line texture. But this serum has a plain gold non-texture cap and kinda slippery to hold for a long time. And I think the cap is from plastic but it doesn't matter ! The important is what's in the bottle's tummy.
The weight of the serum's bottle quite heavy to lift on,  

caution : please do not drop the bottle, you might cry if the serum's bottle in scatter.

The pump dispenser is really convenient, easy to handle and you are not gonna waste the serum.
2 pumps already enough for your whole face and neck.

 But totally I forgot to capture the liquid texture, So I googled from other beauty blogger : looknookhook for this serum texture.

Image Source from : looknookhook

Well, all I can say I am pretty impressive when the serum absorbed on my skin really fast and left my skin non-residue at all. The color is clear like water and it is like a gel liquid form and more thicker than water based.

Usually serum is a basic in any skincare regime. But because I only tried it only once during the last workshop, All I can say only one time only. Just a simple result. I might need 1 bottle for myself as soon as possible !
Source : I captured this by snipping tool from Sulwhasoo

About Sulwhasoo(taken from Sulwhasoo information)
Sulwhasoo is Korea’s leading luxury holistic brand that is based on half-a-century growth and
development since the release of “ABC Ginseng Cream” in 1966. 
Sulwhasoo provides holistic
approach to skincare with strong belief in the innate benefits of herbal remedies especially Ginseng
and the ancient wisdom of the harmony.
Combining herbal medicinal traditions with most advanced
technology, Sulwhasoo herbal skincare products stimulate skin metabolism and deliver optimal vitality to the skin. 
As the pioneer herbal skincare brand that started in Korea, Sulwhasoo is now quickly
evolving into global presence as it expands into overseas markets in Hong Kong, U.S., China, and ASEAN.

Enjoy a Boost of First Care Activating Serum For A Limited Time Only!

What I read from the Sulwhasoo Information about their First Care Activating Serum it is a luxury brand, released in 1997, first Korean herbal medicine serum and have 5 components for skin balance which are Nutrition, Clarity, Vitality and regeneration capacity.

The innovative concept is like " Boosting Serum." Apply after cleanse your face. And automatically will change the skincare routine for women.

And I heard that this serum is  so POPULAR DEMAND, and in celebration of the First Care Activating  Serum's 17th anniversary. Sulwhasoo has made their LIMITED EDITION packaging include the sized-up bottle of 120ml in a "Mother-of-pearl" and a special First Care Activating Serum Rotary Candle Set. 
(information from Sulwhasoo)
Since its release in 1997, the First Care Activating Serum has been the best-selling
Sulwhasoo product with a record of 100 billion KRW of sales in 2011. Sulwhasoo has sold
more than 20 million bottles as of January 6, 2014 since its introduction, which equates to a
total 1.632 trillion KRW. The First Care Activating Serum has also earned the nickname ‘The
First Lady’s Serum’ after gaining popularity among the spouses of delegates who attended
the ASEAN Summit Talk, G20 Seoul Summit Talk as well as the G20 Seoul Speakers
Consultation’. The First Care Activating Serum has since become the ‘ideal gift’ at events as
 Source : Sulwhasoo

First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ Limited Edition 120ml
- Available from November 2014 (RM 430)
 Source : Sulwhasoo
First Care Rotary Candle Set – Available from December 2014
- Selling at RM250/set with purchase of any Sulwhasoo products worth RM550
and above.
I am seriously need this ! So luxury meh.

The First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-pearl’ Limited Edition 120ml and 
First Care Rotary Candle Set will be available at all Sulwhasoo Counters in 
Parkson Pavilion KL, Parkson 1 Utama, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang.

For more information on Sulwhasoo, visit:
Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram: SulwhasooMalaysia
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Note : Please do not copy my every single alphabets in my blog and claim those words are yours. My words can be inspired, and my words are not easily came out from my brain. Please don't be a stealer or plagiarist to copy the whole words okay, and all photos were watermarked, so you cannot steal ! And ideas came from my over-loaded brain. But if you are still need them please do let me know and credit my works in your blog or posts. Clear? Well, I don't easily sue you guys the plagiarism because I am not a rich person to hire the lawyer for this kind of issue. So, get your own ideas and originality to become a very good blogger or writer. Much love from me, Syafiera.

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