Saturday, January 31, 2015

#Foods & Beverages : Let's write your Cooking Recipe in and grab a chance to win Iphone 6 !

The official logo of
Introducing : Let’sMasak  – It's no to hard.

At this glory morning ! I hope you guys in pink of health !
I have an excited news for you guys !
Today I was scrolling my facebook newsfeed like usual, and I saw the founder of the #HaiBlogger by Halim Brothers posted the web.


Come and join me to get delicious recipes and win
Iphone 6 or cash ! @

So this is my profile in - Do Follow me lah because I might be active posting my recipes and I might comment or recook you recipe too !
Do make sure your progress is in 80%
Mine is waiting for the admin to approve my submitted recipe
Can Click here to know about my kitchen :

Let' is organizing a contest for bloggers which you can win amazing prizes !
  • 1st Prize: iPhone 6 Plus 64Gb
  • 2nd prize: CASH RM500
  • 3rd prize: CASH RM400
  • 4th place: CASH RM300
  • 5th place: CASH RM200
"This contest is organized by and fully supported with the
Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger!"

I am a huge fan of foods and beverages, I usually posted my food picture that I've cooked or eat outside from home in Syafiera Lewis COOK & EAT facebook album and instagram ! Now is giving us spaces and seriously very details component from the ingredients and the way how to prepare the meals- real tip-top.

Now it's much easier for us "yang kaki foodie tu" to get information about recipes in one social web.

There are so many benefits you can get through by sharing your recipes and get information how-to-DIY-cook from your home which is you can save a lot of money if you are prepare your own meal for yourselves and your family, right ?

And I heard that LetsMasak Rewards Sytem can make you gain
more money by write your recipe and tips !
Hey, tell me who doesn't want to earn a lot of money by submitting the recipes? 
Easy cash, right ? But all you need is a lot of effort to win some cash for sure !

All you need to do is register either through Facebook or Sign Up a new account.
For the bloggers who wants to join the contest you can read more the
Terms & Condition inside the Let’s Masak.

Make sure you reach the 80% Progress with just a simple steps through your dashboard and you can see at the RIGHT sidebar.

The Progress is counted after you updates and activate your profile. To get 100% progress - you need to do all of the steps. But I heard from Halim that the organizers loosen a bit the terms to 80% progression which is you only need to update for 6 steps only but better if more.

To get yourselves qualify in this contest, You need to get 30 persons to register and actively submitting their recipes and tips. The 30 persons are must to get 20% progression.

How to get the referral link through your self?
Go to Setting > Go to Dashboard > press ( Wanna earn more LM points ? <click here>)
And then share the links to your social medias.

Easy Right ?

What are you waiting for ? Let's join now ! This contest is starting today Feb 1st 2015 until next 2 months ! Do  keep update your recipes & Tips !

Can Click here to know about my kitchen :

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

News : TOP 5 Items in I really want to BUY !

Hello everyone !
So, my today's post about the TOP 5 Items in I really would like to buy to achieve my new look style and environment in 2015.

You can check out the products at Lazada
This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest.
Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada vouchers sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

TOP 1 : (Imported)Casio Sheen SHN-5011L-7A  Brand: Casio

So the 1st item, I really want to have is from Lazada is a women's watch that should be stick on my right hand's wrist. This Casio Sheen made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS” label which serves as a certificate of authenticity. Casio claimed that Sheen watches is epitomize with style and impeccable technology. Every watch is designed to suit ladies style with the finest precision.

This Casio Sheen case is surrounding with With SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It has a big case and cover with the stainless steel case. It is also a water resistant watch means it will be nothing if it hits the rain drop. Well, it has a genuine leather band which is suit for my sensitive skin. The Classical cut glass is my dreamy sensation. And lastly it is imported way far distance from the county I live on.
The features1-second stopwatchMeasuring capacity: 29'59Measuring mode: Elapsed time Date display Regular timekeepingAnalog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second) 3 dials (stopwatch seconds, 24-hour, stopwatch minutes) Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month Approx. battery life: 2 years on SR621SW Size of case / total weightSHN-5011L : 44 X 37 X 10.4 mm / 48 g
(info from

It has 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty.
RM 389.00
Before RM 799.00,
You save 51%

TOP 2 : Real techniques Core collection Make-Up Brushes Set
Image Source :
The second Item I really wish to have from is the Real Techniques Core Collection Make-Up Brushes Set. The reason why I want to have this set because I already have the Real Techniques Duo-Fibers Limited Edition which I received from Nikki Ooi as the XMAS gift exchanged. But the 3 pieces are not enough for me, so I would like to have another Real Techniques Make Up brushes set for me.

More reasons I want these brushes, because they made from Synthetic Taklon Bristles the non-porous which you can observe they do not trap or absorb any excess of product, bacteria and dead skin cells. I usually wash my makeup brushes every single use or daily usage, and the brushes not damage and less prone at all until now as well as keep clean and maintain. Perfect alternative and can bring anywhere instead of having a lot makeup brushes.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set is a Hand cut hair design allows for even and streak free application of makeup and Includes Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, and panoramic 2-in-1 brush case/stand.

Now you can get this Brush in for RM 49.00 Before RM 189.00, And You save 74% !

TOP 3 : Everyday Minerals 11-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

Image Source :
Seriously, I am a huge fan of makeup brushes. I don't have this set yet but I wish to have to ! The size is real "TEMBAM," I mean so Chubby Sticks and so cute! Perfect for minerals powder and sensitive skin. The material is from bamboo handles with synthetic bristles and come with 11 pieces + different size of makeup brushes.

Info from lAZADA : Synthetic Brushes for Gentler and Long-Lasting Use. Synthetic brushes save you money; their non-absorbing characteristic ensures bristles only take up what you need and nothing more. This keeps more pigment in your makeup case and your money in your pocket.
Synthetic brushes are easier to clean; you will only need shampoo and water for your weekly rinsing, and bristles will dry by the next morning if washing is done the night before. Synthetic brushes are friendly to sensitive skin; unlike unicorn hair, these brushes do not cause allergic and fairytale reactions when used on delicate faces.

You can get this Everyday Minerals for RM 65.00 Before RM 406.40,
You save 84% in Lazada.

TOP 4 : 
Sleeh Sugarfree Shoes Cammi Wedges Black
Woot, I am not a huge fan of extra inches heels, but why not if I should have one, at least I am a big fan of event-attendance lover should wear one to make sure I look fit and a bit tall because I am a petite babe. I'll sure I look much sexyness with this wedges heel. Haha.

Size comes from 35-40. No discount, come with fix price from Lazada maybe : RM 232.00

Info from lazada :
No Warranty
  • Made of high quality material
  • Soft and comfortable design
  • Unique details100%
  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyurethane
  • HEEL HEIGHT: Over 12,5 cm (5 inches)
TOP 5 : Sony 40" Full HD LED TV - BRAVIA KDL-40R470B

Woot ! I don't know whether Lazada has gadget items. I am about to move out to my new home within a week starting from now. I NEED A TV ! So I will not be bored soon since I am full time blogger and a domestic engineer ! For my TOP 5 items that I want from Lazada is a Sony 40" Full HD LED TV - BRAVIA KDL-40R470B. Huge visual TV that will make me feel like I am in there.

Entertainment in Full HD + See everything in Full High Definition without compromise Enjoy HD content the way they were meant to be seen.

Lazada offered : RM 1,099.00 Before RM 1,149.00,
You save 4%

That's my top 5 Items I really want in, what about you guys ? Kind of wishlist right ? I hope I will have budget for all those items I want - for new home, new look and new style.

You can check out the products at Lazada
This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest.
Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada vouchers sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#Service Review : Me at BUBBLE GUM WAX Grand Launch at Casa Tropicana ( The Waxing Expert ) to make my full legs Hair Less.

The LOGO concept looks hard on the Wall, seems like a wax stick on the bricks.
Introducing : 
Bubble GUM Wax, The waxing expert Casa Tropicana - Let's make your body HAIRLESS.

Hello everyone ! 
I was at Bubble Gum Wax on the last 18Jan Sunday to make my full legs absolutely hair less.
Actually it was a grand launch of the BGW as a 2nd outlet at Casa Tropicana.
BGW 1st branch is currently located at Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur.

I was super excited after Mamasan Tammy introducing  the Bubble Gum Wax to us through the Butterflies Project Facebook Post. Seriously I am attracted with the Black & White theme. And the bubblegum titled already showed us how chewy it was, right ?

BRICKS stunned the whole deco inside the BGW, Casa Tropicana.

When I was step on my feet into the BGW, the Bricks already occupied the whole space inside the BGW. The walls were painted with black, and you are gonna feel like in 1970s era. Usually if we see the bricks we might say it's unfinished building - but it seems like a touch of modern + raw architecture concept. But actually that's the idea for BGW.

I guessed BGW have around 5 split rooms for customers to do their treatment. The Artistic orange bulb helps the space looks more bright with the romantic lighting.


The raw architecture  made us feel like in unfinished building and I feel like stunned in the room.


What's happening in BGW Casa Tropicana?

To be honest, because the place looks real RAW, most of the butterflies took a lot OF photos during our coverage session. Me at the 1st session was experiencing the video shoot for BGW. I wasn't the PERSON TO BE INTERVIEWED but Sarah and Adrian were there for their experience in BGW.


The Yummy treats, Looking real good and great taste, but me I just done my tooth extraction, I forced myself a bit to taste all the candies, cookies and the cupcake. I fall in love with the charcoal noodles, absolutely taste great when I mixed up the vinegar and spicy gravy sauce.

The choc chip cookies were shaped with Boobs and butts, seems weird but those don't stop us to lick the cookies. Haha. The mini macaroon absolutely smooth and filled in with the caramel.

Everything just go with black, white and skin color, the theme is Win !


Me before the Full Leg Wax Treatment, Posed before take off my pants ! Shh..
Luckily I'm not doing the Brazilian Bikini wax. If not I need to take off the private underwear too.


All the BGW crews. Some of them are Sarah, Lea, Wendy and the owner of BGW Jesslyn.


The butterflies were here, Miriam, Tara Ooi, Grace, Aliza, Jenny, Arpita and many more. All the butterflies were so sexy and pretty in Black. The Top 3 from Left is Lea, she was my consultant I met on that day. She was from The BGW HartaMas branch, She did a real job on me, she made me feel painless and she was a really chatty and down-to-earth person.


Before I started the treatment, Lea cleaned 1st my full legs area, and then moisturized my legs skin with lotion provided in BGW.

Lea told me that the wax is from Honey, the wax is absolutely from natural ingredients. I don't know how to describe the scent of the wax. The wax feel warm after Lea applied it on my legs.
And then she put's white cloth on the wax and pull it really fast. For the 1st timer like me with wax, it feels a bit pain at first but after it, it feels so relieves when my whole legs feel so much smoother than before and no more hair left.


Well, as you can see, my right leg after the treatment looks real flawless and no more hair left than the left leg. It's been a week me after the legs waxed, and the hair still not coming out yet. And the best part is I cannot stop touching my legs because they are so smooth !

BGW gifted us the Bubblegumwax soothing moisturizing after the treatment, Jesslyn suggested us to apply this lotion after done the hair less treatment to reduce the itchiness. This lotion need to keep in fridge, well I don't know why, maybe to make it long-lasting. After the treatment, I applied this lotion, the lotion feel so cold and balmy and it is absolutely natural ingredients.

For my Soft Full Leg Wax treatment is worth RM86 and the BGW Soothing Moisturizing is worth RM56.


There is always a Promotion in Bubble Gum Wax.

Hurry Grab your CHANCE now !

For February the Valentine's Day - you can enjoy waxing with your love one at only RM99.
For the 1st timer Guest? Enjoy a Brazilian WAX at only RM29.

Rewards !
Refer a friend & get 15% OFF for yourself!

Just For HIM
RM59 for Boyzilian/chest n Stomach - ONLY FOR FIRST TIMER !

Bubble Gum Wax,
B-1-5 Case Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
47410 Petaling Jaya,

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 11am till 8pm
Saturday to Sunday, 11am till 6pm

For booking or enquiries:
T. 6013 788 0669
M. 6012 557 3266
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Monday, January 26, 2015

#Service Review : #TRIPDAblogawards Going to a NIGHT Party Event with TRIPDA Carpool Easily In A Fun, Safe & Economical Way.

Hello guys ! So today I am reviewing the Tripda Service. So many of us don't know what Tripda is offering us the Malaysians, right ? So basically, Tripda is a car pooling platform.

If you guys want to know the details, you can go to or you can get the Tripda application in your mobile play store. for Apple User and for Android User

From my experience with Tripda, actually there are so many benefits I can get if I'm using the Tripda service. I can save cost which I can pay to the drivers offer not more than like RM10 when the driver have same direction to go with me. Actually it depends.

I am a person who loves to attend any kind of events. I find it's so much waste if I go with my own car, because I need to pay for petrol, toll and parking fee. So let's make it easier, get a friend from Tripda who offering a ride to the same direction, pm them and travel with them, most importantly -
 I can make friends with them !

Tripda not only use for event-attendance like me, but Chinese New Year is coming real soon ! For those who wants to balik kampung especially the long distance. What are you guys waiting for ?
Just Tripda who are offering the ride.

Or else, if you are afraid to balik kampung alone with your own car especially the ladies- we might pass through the horror and lonely road, right ? So get a friend to ride with us ! I prefer human company than the invisible friend. Omg Creepy !

Okay Back to the Tripda again.

Because I love to make charts, so you can refer up here what is Tripda actually ?

Tripda is an online carpooling platform. Which connect the drivers and passengers on the empty seats who are heading to the same direction. Tripda helps us to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative. And the best part both driver and passengers can share the cost of the trip- means you save a lot while travel ! In addition, the main thing we can be friends ! Environment absolutely will thank to us and can reduce the traffic Jam !

Economical Benefits : Drivers can gain MONEY while passengers can save A lot of MONEY through the same direction.

Social Benefits : From strangers now you can be Best Buddies !

Environmental Benefits : Help reduce the global warming and prevent haze.

Cultural Benefits : Share the economy by spreading the culture.

How does Tripda Works ?  
You can visit or Install them through the play store for Mobile application. For the registration Tripda only offers with Facebook-LOGIN. Maybe because if we know the person through their social media, so I think it will be safe for us especially the ladies.
And Tripda shows how many friends the person who are offering the ride. If more than 500 then You can be OK with it. If only 10 friends, just be Careful !
After registration, you can choose whether you find a ride or offer a ride.
And then Setup your trip details if you are the driver or select the trip where do you want to head on if you are the passenger.

Yeah Now it's time the ENJOY the RIDE, and don't forget to make new friends inside the car ! Have A nice & Safe Trip then !
Finally, don't forget to rate exhange - both will earn reputation points if you guys rate each other !
Just A simple STEPS, right ?

Example : If you are Find A Ride

Image source : Miera Nadhierah
Wendy, me And Sis Miera Nadhierah were car-pooling together to the Party Of The Century 2015 at Empire City. I paid Wendy RM10 for the ride. The best part we are safe from traffic Jam ! :)

EXAMPLE : If You Are Offering A Ride

If you are a lady, I suggest you to car-pooling with the ladies only, Preventing is better than cure right ! I am pretty sure you don't want anything misbehavior if you take a ride with the men.

For more information about Tripda
#TRIPDAblogawardsVisit their Official Website :
Facebook :
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#Event : What's happening before & during the Party Of The Century 2015 ? (34 RAW photos 2 edited photos)

Photo taken by but I edited with photoshop, too bad
I didn't manage to take pic with her "welfie" because too many people were crowding her. cries*
but see how i did my Photoshopped seems pro right haha ! Realistic beybeh !

Hello everyone ! From my previous post about the Party Of The Century 2015

Yeah, it actually came true ! I met all the celebrities and the bloggers to hit on the red carpet and the dance floor. Basically this party was held to celebrated the grand launched of the Empire City.

I received the invitation from PR Sidney Kan to the media coverage during the event.
I was desperately to get the VVIP passes from Sidney and then I made it. And the best part I met all the amazing bloggers who did the same media coverage for the Party Of The Century.

It's Already happened on the last
Venue : Empire City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time : From 7PM till late
Theme : The Glamorous 1920s 

Us a week before the party held, all the ladies and gentlemen were trying hard to get their glamorous 1920s look. Being a man is so much easier than woman. Tuxedo from 1920 until now still can be wear by those men ! If women you need to get a lot of thing from top to toe. Hairdo, pretty dresses, accessories, high heel shoes. Women just cant get enough with all the beautiful things, agree anyone?

Basically on the above picture was my suggestion what to wear on the glamorous party. I don't live in 1920s so I don't know what the women around the century wear and eat. I thought the women at the century only wear simple dress and polite clothes.

When Jannah said about the women in that century were liberated and that time women can do voting. Yeah I noticed most of them( in google lah) they didn't being sexy at that time but more to POWER and CONFIDENCE.

Congratulations to the success of Mammoth Empire Group hosted a glittering dinner party with the theme of #trowback The Century 1920s. With over 6,000 guests like Corporates ( from China , Singapore , Taiwan , Hongkong , Indonesia ) , Malaysian celebrities ( Jaclyn Victor , Adi Putra ) , YouTubers , bloggers , model , radio dJ and many other special guests.

I am super excited and the most happening part when I managed to meet all the ladies and gentleman bloggers during that party ! Thanks again to Sidney for the VVIP Sidney Gold Pass.

The Glorious Hall Of Empire City Damansara Perdana

Basically this hall is size like the Olympic Swimming Pool - Said BBL, The hall was like 3 levels and decorated with the real atmosphere of 1920s. Complete with lighting and audio system made this hall look so much GLAMOROUS with the gold, red and black.

At the entrance area, there was a classic car for the prop for us to take photos. Okay, on the top picture from left is Adrian, a celebrity TV programmer, Sis Miera, Wendy, Me, and beside me is Naomie, and the man with the white uniform is a photographer and the front of me is Aliza Sara. Most of us are the bloggers.

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Basically, all of us need to register 1st to get the VVIP bracelet. So in the registration table for #team50MY was handled by sis Rabiatul Adawiyah And Mr Sidney Kan.

Our bloggers photo session before the party started. #Team50MY

Me with the classic cars on the red carpet.

From Left : Miriam, Me and Aerisk Ong.

Me while people were dancing and don't remember about dead.

The View from top 2nd level before the party started.

The view of the red carpet from The side of level 2

Me with all the blogger ladies.

The VVIP guest I managed to capture with my DSLR.

2AM were performing  LIVE with
  • You Wouldn't Answer my CALLS
  •  Even If I Die Can't Let You Go

The View from level 2  for the music stationary.

A speech was given during at the party about the Empire City.

2 dancers were performing their ballet dance.

Paris Hilton on the red carpet.

Paris Hilton was dejaaying her songs and other celebrity songs. Hmm I thought she's gonna sing but NOPE !

Me on the level 2 while Paris Hilton performing her deejay skill. 

Mark Vincent 's - Champion Got Tallent Australia warms up the stage with songs Beyonce - Halo & Celina ft Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer . Mark making us stunned with his voice & the best vocal on that night. Mark Vincent - You Raised Me Up

The Party Of the century Food were prepared successfully by the Berjaya University College.
The details of every creative skill on the food are counted !

Some of the beverages like alcohol, but for those who doesn't drink the alcohol things they can get the coca cola tin and Ice lemon tea from Heaven & Earth.







Thanks for having me at Party of The Century For more updates of Empire City, please visit :

Most of the photos came from my DSLR, the photographers from the bloggers near me. Thanks to Khai, Ayu, BBL and some more for the photos taken. Hopefully can collaborate with you guys again on the next events.
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Note : Please do not copy my every single alphabets in my blog and claim those words are yours. My words can be inspired, and my words are not easily came out from my brain. Please don't be a stealer or plagiarist to copy the whole words okay, and all photos were watermarked, so you cannot steal ! And ideas came from my over-loaded brain. But if you are still need them please do let me know and credit my works in your blog or posts. Clear? Well, I don't easily sue you guys the plagiarism because I am not a rich person to hire the lawyer for this kind of issue. So, get your own ideas and originality to become a very good blogger or writer. Much love from me, Syafiera.

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