#Contest : ‘Fly me to Krabi with DiGi & Malindo Air!’

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••‘Fly me to Krabi with DiGi & Malindo Air!’••

First at all I would like to thanks to #Nuffnang for giving me the updates about this contest but actually I already Late for the contest, I just knew about this contest today, haha. Back to reason I would love to join this awesome contest again and I would definitely join their another contest more and more again.

The reason why I wanna join this contest because I am really interested with the gift offered especially the #travelling & freeservice part. I have always  wanted to travel to a beach with the blue skies, sun shine, sea breeze and nice sea view, imagine that myself with sunglasses on, and sitting on the chair with juice in my hand. Haha ☻

To be honest, this will be my first #experience flying with Malindo Air, been awhile I don't go for holiday with the flight since the MAS air issues, after I married, I haven't go for honeymoon caused no time and no budget for the trip, I hope I can spending my quality time with my husband together.

#trueconfessions I was planning to go to Krabi but I am totally out of the budget and it will be nice if I get the sponsors to experiencing the •Krabi awesome the island• !! ♥♥

•••My birthday is in September - this will be a nice trip gift for me•••

Please let me fly to Krabi with Malindo Air. Yea ☻
My trip won't be complete if there is no connection while holiday. Looks like my husband use the Digi telco, it would be great if we can get #FREE internet roaming service ! Definitely an awesome deal! I will update my Krabi trip experience to my friends and also my live social media ++++ for free while enjoying my holiday!!Yea ! ♦_♦ The simple pleasure of enjoying DiGi’s unlimited Internet postpaid roaming plan for only RM32/day in Thailand. ♦_♦
Digi will sponsor my trip if I win

Feels incomplete too if I go to •Krabi awesome the island• if no place to stay, sleep and bath. Mercure Krabi Deevana the official hotel sponsor is the hotel partner of Asia Web Direct will be the place for me to stay and rest with my husband when the time for sleep coming. Hope the meals is yummy and available for vegetarian and Muslims people.

Lets sneak peak the Mercure Krabi Deevana hotel

The main entrance

The pool view

The room view

The whole relaxing view
The prizes are awesome but if we go to Krabi without a bit knowledge, you will be an alien over there. Let's do research about Krabi on where to stay, what package to avail, priorities to visit and expenses that will incur. But do not worries if you get sponsors ♥

•Krabi is a town in thailand they called it (thesaban mueang) located on the west coast of southern province onThailand's Andaman seaboard at the mouth of the Krabi river where it empties in Phangnga Bay.
•Population Total 24,986 in 2005 but I don't know in 2014 ( going to investigate if I get there soon)
•The climate same like Malaysia sunny days all the time and rainy seasons between May and November, more likely the climate of Kelantan. Heavy rains during the monsoons.

If I get this opportunity and lucky enough to win and enjoy the holiday trip for free, I'll be excited like usual. ☺Yea.

The contest more likely hidden Objects on the given image. Check this DIGI LINK CONTEST.

spot differences in these 2 pictures

You need to fill your form

To the people who has joined this contest, Good Luck ☻ I'll try next time ☻

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