#Contest : Charity for WICM - World Ice Cream Month by Nestle

11:29 AM

Hello again Lovelies, my blog not only talk about the beauty product but also my favorite ice cream too.. La cremeria by Nestle ! They invite us to join their contest and also encourage us to do charity for our friends.

Nestle given us 3 GROUP for the charity :

Nestlé Ice Cream, the leading ice-cream manufacturer in Malaysia, known for its quality and
trusted brands will be hosting Malaysia's first 'Nestlé World's Ice Cream Month' from
September to October 2014. Nestlé World's Ice Cream Month is about bringing smiles to
Malaysians and injecting the fun back into ice cream and remind Malaysians that special
moments can be as simple and fun as enjoying Nestlé ice cream with family and friends.


I am this joining this #contest to give nestle support for the charity, I'm hoping for poverty, homeless, and hunger people will be treat nicely and well care by us. I hope my son will be a good man someday and help these people so we all gonna be good next generation. :)

Me at Mydin Semenyih and bringing home an umbrella and a bag.
Spinning giant ice cream, I need to put 10 balls in blue line avoid yellow line within 30 seconds. Me got 13 ! Yay !
It was fun and nice to know #nestle did this contest to help unlucky people out there. Hoping you guys will join this charity and contest ! ;)

Okay, if you guys consume this item, why don't you guys share with me the experience, I would like to hear from you guys, Do comments and send me your feedback. 

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