#Event & Product Review : Sulwhasoo luminature Essential Finisher Workshop

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Hello lovelies !

On the last Friday, I was invited to a workshop for Korean Luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo for their latest product, Luminature Essential Finisher.

Date: Friday, 14th November 2014
Time: 10.30am arrival for 11.00am start
Venue: AmorePacific, Suite 23.03, Level 23, Centrepoint South, Mid Valley City

Where I've learned how to achieve a flawless complexion and luminous skin with a special presentation by Sulwhasoo's Global Brand manager, Ms Hyun Oh and makeup demonstration by Mr Byung Chul, Shin - Global Makeup Artist for Sulwhasoo.

What is Luminature Essential Finisher?
This is a last step of skincare for beautiful luminous skin.

About Sulwhasoo 
Sulwhasoo is Korea’s leading luxury holistic brand that is based on half-a-century growth and development since the release of “ABC Ginseng Cream” in 1966. Sulwhasoo provides holistic approach to skincare with strong belief in the innate benefits of herbal remedies especially Ginseng and the ancient wisdom of the harmony. Combining herbal medicinal traditions with most advanced technology, Sulwhasoo herbal skincare products stimulate skin metabolism and deliver optimal vitality to the skin. As the pioneer herbal skincare brand that started in Korea, Sulwhasoo is now quicklymevolving into global presence as it expands into overseas markets in Hong Kong, U.S., China, and ASEAN.

Small story about Sulwhasoo
Sulwhasoo - small flowers With the literal meaning of 'an arid and frail branch covered with snow-white flowers, exploding in full blossom', values harmony between nature and humans and balance between body and mind

Okay, first at all, this is my 1st time I heard about this product. But actually Sulwhasoo has been already on the market, my bad because I am so leak about this awesome product.

Because I already know about this product and I already done my research a bit about Sulwhasoo.
And plus it is a luxury Korean Brand, so you might want to google the price.

I did take A note about the process, hopefully  I'm right about the process.
Locsamhyo : Ginseng + Gree tea is their key ingredients where they steam the ginseng to make the mixture became skin friendly.

Back to the main title Luminature Essential Finisher is a skincare regime where you can use at the last step of skincare every morning and night. You can apply this finisher before you apply your makeup and believe me your makeup will long-lasting for several hours.
You still can achieve a glowing skin without any make up after you apply your skin with this finisher.

The Sulwhasoo beauty skincare set series.


Madam Margaret is the brand manager, she introduced to us about the Sulwhasoo.


Mr Shin showed us how to apply the finisher and the massage technique  to achieve the luminous and flawless skin effect.


The light refreshments for us. I fall in Love the peach-apple mocktail. So fresh ! Where can I get it again next time? Please tell me.

Some of them are beauty bloggers. We were having our small cit-cat before the workshop started.

Sulwhasoo gave us a goodie bag which included the  Camellia scent oil and Luminature Essential Finisher. I've never tried this kind of therapy before, A little awkward for me first.

To be honest on my review :

I've tried the luminature Essential Finisher  for several times.

What I think about the bottle packaging ?
The bottle is really elegant, a pearl sheen with smooth finish and a textured cap. The figured is wide on the center where the finisher is filled in. I can feel the weight pretty heavy (which I suppose is because of the density of the cream inside), so be careful not to drop it. It might breaks if you drop it, I tried knocked it on my floor several times, and sounded like something fragile. It also has a line texture on the cap.

What I think about the pump delivery system?
Well, I usually love any kind of product with the pump dispenser type. Because I think it is a good way to let the liquid come out without any wastage instead of pour liquid directly on my palms and seriously I can't control if the liquid come out really fast.

What I think about the finisher texture?
Creamy- spread easily,  It smells really nice, great balance of herbal and fragrance. Smell really smooth not too strong, my nose doesn't feel itchy and I am not sneezing at all for the smell.
The finisher absorbed really fast into my skin, really good if you are about to hurry! Not sticky plus it doesn't feel greasy too. My skin feels firmer and my pores are tightening !

Before I applied my make up, I did apply the finisher because I want to test it. Well I won't lie that my skin created a very glowing and luminous effect but It doesn't oily at all.  -mindblown- Now comes the awesome part: It actually helps my makeup stay on longer the entire day!

That's my experience after the finisher on my skin for several days. What about you guys ?
If me I am willing to buy it again after I finish my first bottle because of the quality ingredients in an elegant bottle. Haven't let my friends and family-members try it because I love it so much but I might want to let my mom try it because she totally wants it after I showed it to her last time. Haha, me so kedekut. Too bad is it, isn't ?

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