#Foods & Beverages : Let's write your Cooking Recipe in letsmasak.com and grab a chance to win Iphone 6 !

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Introducing : Let’sMasak  – It's no to hard.

At this glory morning ! I hope you guys in pink of health !
I have an excited news for you guys !
Today I was scrolling my facebook newsfeed like usual, and I saw the founder of the #HaiBlogger http://www.haiblogger.com by Halim Brothers posted the Letsmasak.com web.


Come and join me to get delicious recipes and win
Iphone 6 or cash ! @ http://t.co/DdHoutaEt2

So this is my profile in LetsMasak.com - Do Follow me lah because I might be active posting my recipes and I might comment or recook you recipe too !
Do make sure your progress is in 80%
Mine is waiting for the admin to approve my submitted recipe
Can Click here to know about my kitchen : http://t.co/DdHoutaEt2

Let'sMasak.com is organizing a contest for bloggers which you can win amazing prizes !
  • 1st Prize: iPhone 6 Plus 64Gb
  • 2nd prize: CASH RM500
  • 3rd prize: CASH RM400
  • 4th place: CASH RM300
  • 5th place: CASH RM200
"This contest is organized by LetsMasak.com and fully supported with the
Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger! http://www.haiblogger.com"

I am a huge fan of foods and beverages, I usually posted my food picture that I've cooked or eat outside from home in Syafiera Lewis COOK & EAT facebook album and instagram ! Now LetsMasak.com is giving us spaces and seriously very details component from the ingredients and the way how to prepare the meals- real tip-top.

Now it's much easier for us "yang kaki foodie tu" to get information about recipes in one social web.

There are so many benefits you can get through LetsMasak.com by sharing your recipes and get information how-to-DIY-cook from your home which is you can save a lot of money if you are prepare your own meal for yourselves and your family, right ?

And I heard that LetsMasak Rewards Sytem can make you gain
more money by write your recipe and tips !
Hey, tell me who doesn't want to earn a lot of money by submitting the recipes? 
Easy cash, right ? But all you need is a lot of effort to win some cash for sure !

All you need to do is register either through Facebook or Sign Up a new account.
For the bloggers who wants to join the LetsMasak.com contest you can read more the
Terms & Condition inside the Let’s Masak.

Make sure you reach the 80% Progress with just a simple steps through your dashboard and you can see at the RIGHT sidebar.

The Progress is counted after you updates and activate your profile. To get 100% progress - you need to do all of the steps. But I heard from Halim that the organizers loosen a bit the terms to 80% progression which is you only need to update for 6 steps only but better if more.

To get yourselves qualify in this contest, You need to get 30 persons to register and actively submitting their recipes and tips. The 30 persons are must to get 20% progression.

How to get the referral link through your self?
Go to Setting > Go to Dashboard > press ( Wanna earn more LM points ? <click here>)
And then share the links to your social medias.

Easy Right ?

What are you waiting for ? Let's join now ! This contest is starting today Feb 1st 2015 until next 2 months ! Do  keep update your recipes & Tips !

Can Click here to know about my kitchen : http://t.co/DdHoutaEt2

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